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Your Green Hydrogen Solutions Provider for the Transition to Net Zero!

Green Hydrogen Solutions

A faster & simpler way to transact

AMO Wallet - Order & Pay

Change is inevitable, how ready are you for change?

Change Ready

A Leading Oil Company website

Kivu Petrole Website

Kivu Petrole et Stockage prides itself in being a catalyst of a developed and connected Africa. We have done this by building our business in regions and communities where our competitors are not willing to operate. Our offering is backed by an experienced team and superior knowledge of these regions. The supply of our energy products has not only boosted production but has also resulted in a massive improvement of the socio-economy of the communities surrounding these businesses. Our gallery below, provides a glimpse of our work and presence in Africa:

The new classified, An easy thrift market!

Apt Buy

Digital Broadcast


REQUEST|LOCATE taxis, taxi stops, ranks


Document capturing and management system


App designed for doctors & traditional medical practitioners.


Your Aviation exploration start here

RS Aviation Website

A new way of seeing the world, in its raw environments, with human propulsion, in complete autonomy and in full harmony with nature.

Sophisticated Cannabis Delivery Platform


A secure communication and collaboration chat system.


Sewage Management System

Technological Plumbing Solutions

Let Us Advertise Your Business For You.

Skolohub App

Create design systems from scratch to ensure consistent brand images of Kirk’s client. Because the creation of companies graphical interfaces must take into account the scalability of their products.

The Hairdu App

HairDu App

Hair Booking Made Easy

Unique solutions in the geomatics industry


SME Platform

RR Creative Solutions

Farming Digitalised

The Rural Farming Produce APP

MAking it easy to communicate,sell and buy produce

Order Food Online

The Great WhiteFox APP

Making Delivering Local Food a Much Simpler TAsk

A place for the biker community

Think Bike

Moving Made Easy

The Cargo App

A new way to Educate the underprivileged

SimpleGrades e-Learning Platform

It was created to offer learning tools from live video lessons, Pdf views to grading system

What We can do for you and your Business

Strategy - Making product design milestones in synch with your growth

Benchmarking -
Market research -

Design - Making your product easy to use

User needs -
Service blueprint -
Information architecture -
Interface design

Prototype & Test - Making browser ready prototypes to collect quick feedback

Problem anticipation -
Low code -
Product iteration -
Behavior analytics

Market Fit - Test your hypotheses before developing your product

Landing page -
Selling proposition -
Wording -
Single conversion goal

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Software Development Company That likes to imagine, test and build businesses with other people.

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