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Project Description

The HairDu App is a hair Services booking Mobile Application built for south african women to make hair reservations at their favorite salons and their favorite hairdressers in and around the country.

Bad Hair-Day?, don’t know how to find a good hairstylists/hairdresser or better yet, that affordable Salon in your area?. If yes to any of these rhetorical questions, Well then fear not.

Introducing the HairDu App, A mobile application intended to bridge the gap between hair and beauty customers and talented local hairstylists & salons.This is an app every man and woman who cares about looking presentable hair wise should have installed on their phone, an easy to use, Free mobile application currently free on PlayStore.

The HairDu App allows hairstylists and/or Salon owners to improve their salon’s or hair Business customer experience by facilitating hair booking/reservation system directly on the app, did someone say bye bye “whatsapp me on …” on twitter and instagram posts ?,oh wait yes i did, go figure!! .

There’s creepy people online so don’t put your numbers to the public anymore, move with the times and adapt to technology , download the app and start receiving bookings, get house calls directly from the app. Here are some examples of the benefits of the Service Providers (Hairstylists/Salons) side of the App :

  • HairStylists booking confirmations
  • HairStylists appointment reminders
  • HairStylists review requests
  • HairStylists-customer chat system

And in the same light, here are the benefits of the Customer version of the App:

  • Customer hair booking system
  • Customer appointment reminders
  • Customer hairstylists/salon review and follow feature
  • Customer-Hairstylists chat system
  • Browse Nails
  • Browse make-up tutorials.
  • Browse weaves and hair products.

This App can have a significant impact on your hair business as a hairstylist or Salon owner. Try It Now

HairStylists/Dressers’s App :

Customer App:

We Noticed a lot of women struggle finding the right, reputable hairdressers or salons around , on-top of that find it difficult to actually contact the people who provide hair services.

Main Mobile Application

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Main Web-Application/Site

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Main CMS

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